Editors Note: I wrote this article originally for The Code Project. Since it is such a useful program, I am posting it here as well. Although the examples shown pertain to a VisualBasic.net application, it is also a good solution for PHP programmers. The software uses code templates to generate otherwise redundant code. For example, […]

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So you want to learn PHP…

While browsing the shelves at the local bookstore I made a mental note: There aren’t many PHP books. I picked up a few and took a look inside. They were ok, but, right off the bat, I felt like they were teaching the readers bad habits. I think that the most important time for a […]

If you run your own dedicated server, you have probably been faced with, or at least you have considered, the problem of one website getting so much traffic it brings down all the other sites. There’s also the possibility that a poorly written piece of code will cause the webserver to go into an endless […]

I did some hacking with Word Press today to replace its built-in search with Google Adsense Search. It was fairly easy, and I’ll explain how in this post. First you’ll need to setup your Adsense account and get your search code. During the setup process you will be asked an important set of questions which […]

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