I’ve written a very cool WordPress Plugin and repackaged a pre-existing pack of 30 themes that will make your life a lot easier if you’re trying to use Adsense on your blog. The themes are very clean two column with middle content designs. What makes my package special is the layout manager which allows you to select where your advertising and navigation columns appear on your site. You can choose from six different layouts. The themes are have locations where you can place your ads, whether they are Yahoo or Google or Adbrite, etc. The name of the product is EZ Adsense WordPress but it can be used with other advertising programs besides Adsense. Each theme includes a color scheme and header graphic which you can customize to your heart’s desire.

The motivation behind the project was to make it extremely simple to monetize your blog without hacking any source files. The one screen setup will allow you configure many elements of your advertising elements on your blog. If you’re a Clickbank.com fan, you can enter your Clickbank affiliate code, some keywords and my plugin will show selected products from Clickbank.com using your affiliate code. So when your users click the ad and (hopefully) purchase, you’ll get full credit. I’ve got several blogs up and running using the system:





You can visit the info page here:


The plugin and theme pack are $39 one time fee. I’ve also setup a support forum at http://forums.ezadsensewordpress.com/